In terms of Section 8(3)(g) of BN 106 of 2008




Hepstar unconditionally commits to adopting a culture that promotes the fair treatment of clients and ensures that due consideration is given to fair client outcomes in all activities undertaken by Hepstar. Hepstar undertakes to measure our services against the achievement of fair client outcomes.


For this purpose, Hepstar has adopted a TCF framework to assist in achieving the following client outcomes:  


  1. Client confidence that fair treatment is integral to our culture and values
    • TCF will be considered in management decisions and business strategies
    • Research and business intelligence will be used to better achieve TCF outcomes
    • Employee and client participation or feedback will be encouraged and valued to better achieve TCF objectives


  1. Product marketing aimed at meeting client needs
    • Products are relevant and add value to clients
    • Marketing is targeted appropriately and client risks are accurately identified and catered for in product offerings
    • Product value to client and impact on TCF is a primary consideration when new products are introduced to the market


  1. Clients can make informed decisions before, during and after the sale
    • Clients have access to material and detailed information in clear language to assist with their decisions
    • Clients have various means of contacting us for services
    • Sales processes are logical, non-intrusive and informative


  1. Suitable advice based on client circumstances
    • Client risk exposure and needs are the primary consideration for product suggestions and innovation
    • Quality assurance monitoring is done to ensure advice and assistance are provided accurately and efficiently


  1. Products and Service that meet expectations
    • Service level expectation are met consistently
    • Product performance and termination is monitored to ensure products are meeting client expectations
    • Client grievance procedures are documented, communicated and upheld appropriately


  1. Reasonable, timely and accessible means of changing a product or provider, submitting a claim or a complaint
    • Clients have various means of accessing assistance services, claims submission and complaints resolution procedures without unnecessary delay
    • Clients are kept up to date on progress or completion of services requested and expectations are managed appropriately


We welcome your feedback or suggestions on how we can better achieve these goals. Should you believe we are not achieving these goals as we should or could improve our services, kindly contact us at